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Justin Rives


  I am blessed beyond my own understanding. I am the father of two rambunctious boys and the husband of a beautiful, sweet, and loving woman. Since earning my degree in art education from Mississippi College, I have taught photography and ceramics at Ridgeland High School where I have been the last 15 years. Through my work with clay, the camera, and occasionally other mediums, I am able to celebrate creation and my small place in it. 



The goal for my photographs is to capture images that really embody  the essence of the individual.  I am happy to be your photographer in whatever way I can. Senior  portraits, weddings, and family portraits are all venues that I enjoy. I  work closely with my subjects, striving to see and materialize their  vision.



 Clay is capable of being a physical poetry that no other material can be. It yields itself to be molded and formed while still having the strength to stand under its own weight and bear the will of the potter. I love to think that clay is thousands of years in the making and I can come along in the last few minutes of its journey and manipulate it into its final form. Through heat and pressure, a potter makes a form that can nearly last forever. With this mindset, I feel a great responsibility in the process and outcome of my pieces. Somehow, even with the weight of this responsibility, I find great comfort and therapy working with clay.  

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Justin Rives Studios

Kind Words

Ashley & Davis


OH MY GOSH! These pictures are rocking my world right now! We absolutely  LOVE them! Justin and Cristie, thank you so much for  are both AMAZING at what you do. We couldn't have asked for anything  more! We love y’all! Thank you again for capturing so many special and  wonderful moments that we can treasure forever.

John & Vivi


Thank you so much for your work! It was nothing less than exquisite!

 You are amazing at capturing the radiance of lights and colors. Your  angles and color manipulations bring each picture to life! As a person,  you and your wife were amazing. You two are a wonderful couple full of  life and care. We’re very glad that we had you share this monumental  episode in our lives, and that you helped us capture those memories with  our wedding photos. We love that you both enjoyed yourselves at our  wedding and hope to continue working with you in the future!        

Olivia Marissa Miller


Working with Justin was a wonderful experience. He made my session truly  personal and made sure I was completely happy. He took a few ideas from  me and ran with it to create beautiful pictures that were beyond my  expectations. I enjoyed working with him immensely and would definitely  recommend him in a heartbeat.

Eric & Lydia: Return to First Love


Justin Rives has been such a pleasure to work with. His talent and gifts  go beyond just normal "taking pictures." His attention to detail and  design really make his photos stand out among the rest. I can't  recommend him enough to anyone out there needing quality pictures. On  top of that, Justin is a really great guy to be around. He strives to  make the most out of every shot he takes. Justin will definitely be  shooting for our second CD! Thanks so much, Justin!!

Pace & Maegan Stead


We highly recommend Justin Rives Photography for your special occasion  photography needs. Our expectations were far exceeded! We could not have  asked for a better documented wedding day than what we received as a  result of choosing Justin Rives Photography. The photographs are  absolutely beautiful and so accurately capture the special moments of  our big day and depict our personalities perfectly. Justin and his wife  Cristie are an amazing couple who work so well together; they each have  an eye for creativity, and together, they never missed a beat. Not only  are they professional, but it was easy to see that they both cared  deeply about making our wedding day special. We felt right at home  working with them, and their organization made our day go smoothly. They  were so courteous throughout the planning process and were pleased to  meet with us on more than one occasion to make sure we had everything in  order for the big day. Proofs from the wedding day were uploaded and  given to us in a very timely manner, which we very much appreciated!  Having Justin Rives Photography as a part of our wedding day was one of  the best decisions we made! We can never thank you enough for your  professionalism and the wonderful job you both did in so beautifully  capturing every moment of our wedding day!

Marsha Walden


Justin has taken both of our daughters senior portraits as well as  several family pictures. He’s always easy and fun to work with. He has  gone out of the way to make sure we had exactly the pictures we wanted.  He has great ideas for settings and poses, his pictures seem not only to  represent the way our daughters look but their personalities as well.  We always have a hard time choosing which pictures we want. His prices  are extremely reasonable but even if they were not, we would still use  him for our family pictures.




During my recent Thesis exhibition I created a set of ceramic speakers. During the Exhibition the speakers were playing original instrumental music that my friend Darin Jones and I created just for this installation. The music is a metaphor for what people speak and how people live while taking in and processing everyday experiences. The speaker enclosures I made have three speakers: a full range driver, a sub woofer, and a tweeter. I wired them up with a three way cross over to keep the high frequencies from going into the sub woofer and the low frequencies from going to the speaker made for higher frequencies. The speakers play both a left and right stereo channel that comes from an amplifier that sends power to both the speakers. The metaphor is that God is our life source, and a husband and wife focused on God live in one accord. I chose to paint the outer front panels of the speaker spacers red, which is a reoccurring theme in my series. The speakers will be shown with a mess of wires and electronics that power the speakers. Man is attached to our creator in so many ways: God gives us air to breathe, food, water, sustenance, and shelter. Humans are on a life support system, which God set into motion; without his provisions Man would cease to exist. Marriage is a union of two souls teamed up, tethered, and equally yoked. 

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